1,337 lines of code and a brick wall.

I was sipping on my tea when I heard it. Ping. Ping, Ping, Ping. Within a few minutes my peaceful morning has turned manic as an avalanche of alerts started flowing. Something had


Our laser focus right now is getting our Family product released and in your hands. We're really excited to about the way we track the way a child feels about their reading and how that feedback gets sent back to parents so they can send encouragement.

Huey Books at Startmate

For twelve weeks I've been participating in the Startmate Accelerator program with a small group of early stage Australian companies looking to make an outsized impact on the world. From fitness programs that

A world of books and data

Huey Books has developed a chatbot (we call it a bookbot) that helps children find books they  love to read. The bookbot has already had recommdnend over 150,000 books for children and